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Kawaii Box – Giveaway

Que tal uma Kawaii Box neste Natal? Kawaii Box vai oferecer a uma leitora do blog, um box recheada de coisinhas fofas! Para quem não gosta de pideriquices (eu amo!), pode sempre oferecer a uma amiga, filha, sobrinha.. etc. O giveaway é internacional! Podem ler a minha resenha sobre a última Kawaii Box clicando aqui.

Os passos requeridos, bem como o formulário abaixo, foram diretamente produzidos pela marca. E eles farão o sorteio! Participem!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Boa sorte!

Edit 04/12/2014: Foi adicionado o passo ‘Partilhar no Facebook’ para as seguidoras que não têm blog para reblogar! Quem não tem pinterest ou instagram, participa na mesma.. só terá menos entradas que quem tiver. Boa sorte a todas! ♥




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  • Bárbara Aires
    December 3, 2014

    Participei (: Boa sorte a todas 🙂

  • Irina Vieira
    December 3, 2014

    • Irina
      December 3, 2014

      Boa sorte! ♥

  • Miss Lil'Susie
    December 3, 2014

    Aiiiiiiiiii adorei o Giveaway 😀
    Amo coisinhas kawaii…a torcer para ser a vencedora 😀

    With Love
    Miss Lil’Susie <3

    • Irina
      December 3, 2014

      Boa sorte! ♥

  • Marisa Rodrigues
    December 3, 2014


    • Irina
      December 3, 2014

      Boa sorte! ♥

  • Ana Sofia
    December 3, 2014

    A participar, so coisinhas fofinhas 🙂 adoro

    • Irina
      December 3, 2014

      É tudo tão lindo.. eu quase morri na loja online deles!! Já estou escolhendo coisas!! ♥ Boa sorte linda!

  • Joicy Carneiro
    December 3, 2014

    Adoro coisas Kawaii. Nessas ultimas semana comprei um diárinho super fofo, tipo kawaii. Eu amei o sorteio. Tomara que eu ganhe 😀

    • Irina
      December 3, 2014

      Eu também amo!! Vou já lá ver o seu diário!! Boa sorte!! ♥ Bjinhos

  • Bijus AP
    December 4, 2014

    Quem não tiver instagram, twitter, etc… também pode participar? :S Tem mais algo depois destes primeiros passos? É que não vejo nada para partilhar o passatempo :\ Só se tiver depois… Como faço?
    Beijinho *

    • Irina
      December 4, 2014

      Linda participa no que puderes. Eu vou questionar a marca quanto a estes requisitos.. a ver o que me dizem eles. Quanto a partilha, podes sempre partilhar e vir colar onde diz: ‘Reblog’ Vou pedir que adicionem a opção de partilha pelo facebook! Não tinha pensado nisso.
      Obrigada ♥ Participa na mesma! Depois digo algo com maiores detalhes (quando houver) lá na página!

      Beijinhos ♥

  • Isabel Magalhães
    December 4, 2014

    Olá, O instagram e o youtube são obrigatórios?

    • Isabel Magalhães
      December 4, 2014

      também não tenho pinterest

  • Susana Franco
    December 4, 2014

    A participar, que coisas fofinhas.

  • Liliana Monteiro
    December 4, 2014

    Woww só coisinhas lindas e fofinhas! A minha filha ía amar e eu também!
    Boas festas a todos!

  • dayana lopes
    December 5, 2014


  • Erica
    December 7, 2014

    Participando!!! Qual a data do sorteio??

  • Melhores vlogs
    December 9, 2014

    Participando. Quando e o sorteio?

  • Rita Lorena
    December 16, 2014

    Reblog the giveaway to your blog… eu tenho conta no blogger mas não tenho nenhum blog ativo… não posso participar?

  • Cinthya
    December 31, 2014

    Quando sai o resultado? =D

  • Bárbara Soares
    January 17, 2015

    Já saiu o resultado?

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    And then you finally get in the car after they given you Plan B and some medicine that is supposed to prevent you from contracting HIV, and you realize that the thought of getting AIDs was never on your mind until this moment, but who knows if this oth…

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    G klockor f枚r barn 盲r soldrivna klockor designade och tillverkade av Casio. Finns i en m盲ngd olika f盲rger, child, 盲r g k盲nd f枚r sin h氓llbarhet, tack vare dess vattenmotst氓nd till ten bar och batteriets livsl盲ngd p氓 10 氓r, samt de detaljerade inst盲llnin…

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    Saturday’s triumph was an almost textbook example of how to overcome superior resources. But for their goalkeeper, the previously out of form and out of favour Tomas Mejias, Boro would have lost before the interval but as the game wore on their counte…

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    It means the tarsal bones (in the middle of the foot) that are usually separated in a normal person feet are connected in mine by some weird bridge of tissue. Causes terrible arthritis, and makes it very difficult to be on my feet very long. You adjust…

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    Getting a princess is a normal aspiration for the majority of youthful women They have on extravagant robes along with a cute minimal crown in addition to their heads What’s more to accomplish the set up rooms are became a magical castle Castles are w…

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    Poignant Bildern, die gestern zeigen Miriam Ziegler, 79, Paula Lebovics, 81, Gabor Hirsch, 85, und Eva Kor, 80, posieren vor der Aufnahme, die sie in gestreifter H盲ftlings Roben am Tag sie befreit wurden gekleidet.

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    Allergic conjunctivitis is a most prevalent sort of the ailment and therefore could be examined in more depth.

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    Aunque el sorbete tiene az te ahorrar una gran cantidad de calor y grasa en comparaci con el helado tradicional. De hecho, muchos sorbetes no contienen grasa. Es m una porci de media taza de sorbete tiene alrededor de 150 calor Este es incre simple y p…

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    With the second the alarm goes off each morning (if you happen to fortunate adequate to awaken to an alarm rather than an early riser!), the frenzy is on! Obtaining everybody washed, dressed, fed, and packed can look like a dash when you race in opposi…

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    I just bought a Razer Blackwidow 2014 with the Razer Orange switches which are supposed to be similar to the Cherry Brown switches (tactile, but non clicky). Is it just me or do they not feel very tactile at all? They seem to feel more like linear swit…

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    Keine Hassreden aller Artwork. Rassistische, sexistische oder homophobe Stellungnahmen oder Kommentare in einem sofortigen Verbot f眉hren.Pinesse Kommentare zu dieser Drink schimmert beim Sch眉tteln

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    “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours whereas all the testing says not really.” He further said that while we may wish intelligence to be…

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    Viereck-Duschtassen sind excellent f眉r Badezimmer von allen Formen und Gr枚脽en. Sie k枚nnen diese Schale in der Ecke, Mitte, Nischen und keine Aussparungen legen. Dies ist das vielseitigste Form zur Verf眉gung und ist sehr beliebt. Sie sind in verschieden…

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    Edit: perhaps one could argue that this cover breaks new ground by having the face turned to the side, but I still find it too similar to previous covers to find it interesting.

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    The most enjoyable aspect of watching a film for myself is a kind of gamble: I guess how relevant the movie is to society and the human experience, and with that speculation, conclude whether the film will be a classic or not. I might more times be wro…

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    jusksmit comments on Hmm

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    Questions seeking professional advice are inappropriate for this subreddit and will be removed. more >>

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    Don sfruttare un interesse Fundamental Rate.

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    Muskegon wurde immer einige schlechte Presse in letzter Zeit, aber das ist ein wenig gerechtfertigt. Muskegon hat einige großartige Sehenswürdigkeiten, Eating places, Geschäften und Unternehmen, Veranstaltungen, Festivals und vieles mehr! Don zu Hause…

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    n style is been in Vogue. The look is all uncomplicated palettes, simple separates and smart tailoring.

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    Another issue I recognized is that the raw three digit binary values themselves through the symbols really need not be appended with 0 to help make them four digit, as in the event the full sequence (albeit incorrectly purchased) is entered, we finish…

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    When I was 6 I was trying to learn to do my own hair (buns, plaits, etc). This resulted in me eventually creating a huge knot of hair and hair ties. My 6 yo solution to this was to rip out my hair and stuff the evidence under my pillow. Mum found the h…

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    furthermore, it appears as though there is an impression of a pet door, I can see the outline on of it on the inward facing side of the door.

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    Displaying 1 20 Low Calorie Articles

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    Doctors in the Mayo Clinic warn that if still left untreated the warning signs of rosacea could get even worse in excess of time.A house Sushi Package Practically Ensures Achievements

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    Vegie what?

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    Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf out to week

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    es gibt jede Possibility, eine neue gefälschte eine Individual. Sie brauchen nicht zu bezeugen verzog Haushalt Leder, wonky Stiche Sie True modische Gucci-Tasche sind.

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    After learning about simple and complex carbs and how they are processed by the body, one might think that foods containing complex carbohydrates are actually healthier than those that have simple carbohydrates. However, this is not always true. Consid…

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    Part of that was due to the great pitching staffs that those teams had, but the incredible margin by which they did it means the offense was doing plenty of good work.

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    A three-run blast in a two-run game obviously makes things more interesting.

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    553, 9x All-Star, 2004 AL MVP, 8x Silver SluggerGuerro becomes just the third Dominican-born player .

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    Alternately humbled and excited, Bukauskas had this to say on being tapped by the ‘Stros:…

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    Even though Jackson is only 6’2, he has the physical makeup, quickness, and athleticism to be quite bothersome on the defensive end.

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     Additions:Minor League Contracts with Spring Training Invites:OF Destin Hood, OF Kenny Wilson,.

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    Oakland’s Merritt Junior College and Hayward’s Cal State East Bay, thinking about a possible career in business.

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    For Harper, he has the edge over Machado in home runs, games played, RBIs, but also in strikeouts.

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    ch, remembers the day Robinson accepted an offer to play baseball with the Kansas City Monarchs, the most successful team in the Negro Leagues at that time:“We met up in Jackie鈥檚 office, and he was sorting his mail,” said Adanandus, another…

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    As his pinched nerve issues shouldn’t need a next-day recovery assessment, and a pain-free out.

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    The Astros continue their race against the Texas Rangers for AL West supremacy, and Jose Altuve continues his push to equal or surpass the vaunted numbers of a certified legend.

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    It is not clear if any of these exist, so pitching still remains the best option.

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    6’2″, 150-pound RHP Lupe Chavez likely drove a larger vehicle for his 98-mile drive from Florida’s west coast to just south of Orlando.

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    Houston possesses nearly identical home (14-6) and road (15-6) records.

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    500 season, the Yankees could see a new manager in 2018.

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    As a whole, there are a lot of things you can question when it comes to Chicago’s lineup and coaching strategy game to game.

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    Noah fills a glaring need for the club after the trade of Robin Lopez to get Noah’s former Bulls teammate, Derrick Rose.

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    鈥淔or his age, 19 years old, he鈥檚 very ahead, speaking about maturity-wise,鈥?Lancaster manager Omar Lopez said.

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    JV is still a big body who can score down low against almost anyone.

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    He was a four-year player at Providence, and he improved each season, so much so that he ended up be.

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    primary backup outfielder behind Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Brett Gardner, and Giancarlo聽Stanton (one of those four will be the DH).

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    “The Georgia Peach” (Ty Cobb)…all are etched in our minds and the colorful histories of the players attached to each.

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    While I enjoyed the prospect gathering from last season’s deadline, Andrew Miller was a piece that could have stayed without having a negative impact on the Bronx Bombers.

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    “Con la unidad de todos se puede conseguir y con el trabajo conjunto.

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    “36:?West Brom are the latest club chasing Newcastle’s £30million-rate Moussa Sissoko… I know, ouch.”

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    “The Belgian striker has scored seven times in the Premier League against the Black Cats, his joint-favourite opponent in the competition along with West Ham.”

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    Mauricio Pochettino : We must beat Leverkusen to go to the next roundPA:Press Association5The player.

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    “While Banks denied Pele, Hart thwarted Jasmin Kurtic — blocking the Slovenian midfielders close-rang.”

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    They were also in Bologna as the player flew there from Algerias world cup camp to undergo a medical and finalise the finer details of his £29.

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    JOSE MOURINHO only found out about Paul Pogba‘s yellow-card ban two days ago.

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    June 30, 2018


    “And despite his availability this summer, they have not returned, leaving Manchester City to bid £50million for the England defender.”

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    Premier League Vault : Arsenal v Liverpool highlights from 2004 PA:Press Association8Long-serving Gu.

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    Gills winger Emmanuel Osadebe was a student on the Tottenham Hotspur?Foundation college scheme when he was spotted by Gillingham two years?ago.

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    Boss Arsene Wenger needs a defender after? losing Per? Mertesacker for months.

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    You hear it a lot but for my part its the first time any manager has really done it.

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    “tomers in ManchesterDeadly duoZlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba's arrogance is a good thing, admits Manchester United legend Gary NevilleLaughing stocksAndrea Pirlo reveals Juventus are still laughing at Manchester United over Paul PogbaZlat…

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    Cherys inch-perfect pass fed Polter who nutmegged Ruddy with a composed poke.

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    Reuters5After Ozil dummied past two defenders he rolled the ball into the netYou've picked .Mesu.

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    Getty Images4Monaco right-back Fabinho could soon have more than a penalty to celebrate if he lands .

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    Two goals from Robert Lewandowski helped Poland take over at the top of Group E with a 3-0 win over .

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    “Mkhitaryan only has a year left on his current deal, but could be forced to see out his contract and leave on a free next summer.”

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    “He shot himself in the line of Rooney, Ronaldo, you name it.”

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    CEN8A Spanish TV presenter unfurls the half-and-half shirtGetty Images8A number of decisions from th.

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    “rt poses with the Torino shirt on his way to have a medicalGetty Images12There were chaotic scenes as Joe Hart arrived in TurinGetty Images12Joe Hart holds a supporter shirt as he arrives in TurinGetty Images12Joe Hart gives the excited fans a thumbs…

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    “He admits he is unsure how Chelsea will set up tactically, although they are likely to be 4-3-3 against the Hammers.”

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    ““The desire of the player is to leave the club, not renew.”

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    “Sources close to the England star say even Vardy himself does not know whether he will join the Gunners in a £120,000-a-week deal.”

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    “Forget about any other sporting contest thats going on this summer, clear your diary and prepare for the real main event – the return of DREAM TEAMs mighty season long competition.”

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    rc Albrighton (right) celebrate Leicester's victory over FC Copenhagen on Tuesday in the Champions LeagueReuters4Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri has guided his side to three successive Champions League victoriesThe record weve got in the Champions…

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    MAN CITY 1 GLADBACH 0sunsportonline14th September 20167:57 pmTOT v MON: So nearly a goal for Spurs t.

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    attack in Belgium for swapping Standard Liege for AnderlechtDefour has been looking to quit his homeland over abuse from rival fans and hoped to get a glamour move.

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    I was sure he was going to return the same way that he finished before his injury.

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    “First he wanted me to give him 20-1 of it, then 16s and 12s.”

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    And they would eventually finish below Ukraine and miss out on the biggest stage of all.

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    CRISTIANO RONALDO is a doubt for Real Madrid’s last-16 Champions League clash with Napoli.

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    “WELL, well, well…?Steve Bruce comes in and what happensA win away.”

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    Reuters6Ayew has scored in pre-season friendlies against Bristol Rovers and SwindonGetty Images6Ayew.

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    n's semi-finalGetty Images5Antoine Griezmann has pledged his future to Atletico Madrid in a major boost for the clubWhat they saidArturo Vidal has openly admitted he is out for revenge after last seasons outcome.

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    The fans will stick with us and we wont point fingers.

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    Preston had to settle for a 1-1 draw at home to Burton with Callum Robinson’s equaliser in first-half stoppage time cancelling out Jackson Irvine’s opener.

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    Guess how Alan Pardew greeted that news…3311.

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    “Uefa changed the structure of the Euros for the 2016 tournament from 16 teams to 24, which worked we.”

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    e injury-blighted midfielder on the final day of last season when he was presented with a silver cannon and a guard of honour to recognise his?achievements at the club.

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    “He featured 36 times for Mark Hughes side before he suffered a cruel blow in training towards the seasons end, tearing his knee ligaments in April.”

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    tted he was anxious but was happy to stick to his word after such an amazing achievement from his boyhood club.

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    “llowing another titleless season, Wenger has come under pressure from a section of Arsenal fans.”

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    “Subs: Dubravka, Novota, Gyomber, Kubik, Kiss, Povazanec, Pich, Sylvestr, Pauschek, Stetina.”

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    He added: The Brazil defeat has hit us psychologically.

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    That belief would have been reinforced when Chelsea loanee Izzy Brown went on a mazy run into the Ro.

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    “Champions LeagueWhat happens if Manchester United win the Europa League AND finish in top fourAgain, no team that finishes outside the top four unless they win the Champions League or Europa League will be at Europes top table the season afterwards.…

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    “Newcastle are currently top of the Championship after 16 games, three points ahead of Brighton.”

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    33 amTXIKI: "Of course the first times we came (to this stage) we played Barca.

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    “Eric Dier, Moussa Dembele and Danny Rose could all return to action, while Moussa Sissoko is recovering from concussion.”

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    urned only the Super Cup with second in La Liga and the semi-finals in Europe resulting in his sacking.

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    CHELSEA are close to agreeing a £24million fee with Fiorentina to sign Spanish defender Marcos Alonso.

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    July 9, 2018


    Virgin Media – who sponsor the Saints’ kit – are running a campaign to give all Premier League away fans at St.

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    Jose Mourinho won both legs of his much-anticipated reunion with Chelsea as Inter dispatched of the Blues in the last-16 en route to victory in 2010.

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    “der as fans sneak into stadiumSHAW NO CERTAINTYGareth Southgate tells Luke Shaw he must start playing for Manchester United to regain England spotKylian Me SoftlySergio Ramos tells Kylian Mbappe he is welcome at Real Madrid ahead of France vs Spain f…

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    It will be good to see him again in Scotland and I wish him well — but on the day it all comes down to winning.

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    “the right man to take England forward in FA panel meeting After the shambles of Euro 2016, and Hodgsons subsequent departure in June, the former Spurs gaffer said he had no faith in them picking the right man.”

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    ow Frenchman Samir Nasri – at neighbours City – faces a far more uncertain futureHe? was able to put his foot in.

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    But the Italian has brought in some decent talent this summer so Andy Hessenthaler has plenty to work with.

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    What is certain – an early Champions League exit at the hands of Bayern – and some Arsenal fans will be screaming for Wenger to exit the Arsenal turnstiles.

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    PA:Press Association5Barnsley skipper Conor Hourihane is expected to join VillaGetty Images5Tykes ri.

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